Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in Pakistan in 2023
Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in Pakistan in 2023

Digital marketing has become more relevant to a brand than ever. Consumers learn about and access products and services via digital marketing channels. Moreover, they are willing to engage and pay more if they have a great digital experience.

Think of your website, social media, and other digital platforms like the interior of a restaurant or a shopping center. The better your ambiance and amenities, the more you improve customer experience and get better engagement, sales, and growth. 

Therefore, it’s high time to learn about the leading digital marketing trends in Pakistan and start 2023 with a plan to beat the competition. 

Top Digital Marketing Trends in Pakistan

If you want to stay ahead of the game in 2023, sound knowledge and the use of digital marketing trends are imperative. As you get a new calendar, so should get a new digital marketing strategy. We have compiled attention-worthy types of digital marketing for you to opt for going into the following year.

1. Influencer Marketing Matters

Veering away from TV series and movies for lifestyle inspiration, people are more interested in the lives of influencers. In Pakistan, influencer marketing makes an unbelievable difference—depending on whether or not you do it right. In fact, influencer marketing is one of the top digital marketing trends globally.

Essentially, you need to find influencers with the following:

• A social media handle promoting/talking about what is related to your brand.

• A loyal following who engages with the content.

• The influencer's interest in your industry and their capability to talk about it.

Remember, people hold influencers accountable to some extent for products or services. Therefore, you need to be wise about who you choose to collaborate with. The right person, with attention to ethics and a positive attitude toward their followers, can do wonders for your brand.

2. Email Marketing Is Here To Stay

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online content marketing and one of the most persistent digital marketing trends still. Why? That’s because it is one of the most personal means of communicating with your audience.

Studies have shown that email marketing has a fantastic ROI potential. In fact, it returns multiple times the original amount spent. 

Most customers in Pakistan are alerted to new offers, deals, and other information by a brand via email. If you want your audience to feel involved with your brands, there’s no way more cost-effective than email marketing to make it happen.

However, given the intense competition, it's vital that your email marketing campaigns encompass personalization. Generalization makes emails irrelevant whereas personal emails get attention.

3. Realism Defeats Perfectionism

We’re moving away from perfection and onto the rawness of things. A few years back, the most beautiful, well-designed social media feeds led digital marketing trends in Pakistan and got the most attention. Now, people are looking for realistic content—the actual images behind the scripts and filters.

So, in short, consumers want brands to relate to their real lives. Human-like ads, honest opinions, and vulnerability of the people working to make a brand. All of these aspects help you excel in current digital marketing trends. 

In other words, people want to relate to a brand before they invest in it. Therefore, your best bet to make any marketing campaign successful is to understand your audience well.

4. Social Media & Website Chatbots

Chatbots have been added to website development by brands for some time. In 2023, their use will be more crucial and widespread than ever. By answering commonly asked questions and one-word answers automatically, your brand can save time and money, as well as take care of its audience.

Progress in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing—all enable chatbots to interact in a more human-like manner.

This digital marketing trend is an effective one to stay relevant in this competitive market. Without actually staying active on social media and websites 24/7, you cater to your customers' queries. With proper attention towards consumer behavior—such as frequently asked questions—you can make your Chabot activity more resourceful. 

5. Shoppable Posts Are Vital For eCommerce Businesses

Speaking of social media, in-feed shopping is another notable digital marketing trend other than chatbots. Shoppable posts are all the rage, and for a good reason too. 

How it works is that you link your brand's products (or services) to your pictures and videos. Therefore, customers can immediately learn about what they are viewing and buy it too.

It's the perfect solution to so many hurdles brands face on social media. Firstly, customers are often confused about where to head to ask about products. Next, your customer can rapidly reach their desired product. And third, you can create shoppable ads on Google. When a customer searches for a product, they can see yours—complete with picture, name, and price—in their search results. You can use SEO services to make your ads more relevant on Google.

6. Voice Search Taking Over Typed Search

While this may be more relevant for brands catering to Gen Z audiences, it is a notable digital marketing trend nevertheless. The younger audience is least fond of typing their queries, preferring voice commands. 

With the increased use of virtual personal assistants in everyday life (for example, Siri, Alexa & Google Assistant), voice search is more popular than ever. A survey by PWC found that 57% of people use voice commands on their smartphones. Laptops, speakers, smart TVs, and car nav systems are also often controlled by voice commands.

If you’re wondering how this digital marketing trend can affect your brand's online presence, your concern is natural content. Long-tail keywords with a natural tone, websites with message options that respond to voice. As a result, allowing users to send voice notes to your customer rep, and more—all of these matter today!

7. TikTok Is A Worthy Competitor 

It’s been some time since TikTok has been relevant in the digital marketing trends in Pakistan. And yet, brands had a hard time taking it seriously. However, that’s changing, and you need to get your brand on TikTok ASAP.

To start with why TikTok matters, let’s look at some facts. The social media video platform has more than 1 billion users worldwide. The average user spends a whopping 95 minutes on TikTok every day. It has been downloaded a lot–more than Facebook or Instagram A LOT—in 2020 and 2021.

And finally, TikTok has also introduced a formal marketplace similar to Facebook and Instagram. Brands can leverage the platform's many, many benefits and gain incredible conversions and revenue by advertising on it.

8. Audience & Social Platforms Love Video 

As we just discussed, TikTok is quite famous in social media marketing. Ever wonder what makes it so relevant, especially amongst the younger audience?

Your answer is video. In fact, it was post-TikTok's introduction that Facebook and Instagram invested in the Reels options. Youtube then came up with Shorts. In fact, Instagram has even started prioritizing accounts with more video content than a static one. Since people love sharing videos more so than any other form of content—accounts with more video content are winning the social game.

We can safely say that video works and will continue to stand as one of the leading digital marketing trends in 2023. Short-form videos are more popular than longer videos for promotion-only content. Longer videos are more relevant for information content and campaigns. 

9. Long-Form Content Creates Visibility 

Content writing is one of the leading digital marketing trends—but one that goes through changes often. There are a ton of factors that affect how relevant your content is to your audience. These include:

• Current affairs and ongoing social trends

• People’s priorities with respect to economic and financial conditions

• Google’s algorithms (which affect your content’s ranking)

Currently, long-form content takes priority on search engine results pages (SERPs). Since long-form content is more detailed and much more likely to fulfill a visitor's queries, it increases your Google traffic too.

10. Multi-Platform Campaigns 

Omni-channel marketing will continue to grow in 2023 digital marketing trends in Pakistan. Basically, this involves using every single marketing channel you've created. Instead of organizing a campaign for one platform, you create one that works on all. 

Given that each digital platform has its own strengths, you can gain massive engagement by utilizing omnichannel marketing. This method of marketing is beneficial for brands that cater to both older and younger audiences. 

Therefore, by organizing a multi-platform campaign, you reach those who prefer traditional marketing channels. Omni-channel marketing is not restricted to digital platforms; you can add TV commercials and print media to the mix too.

Put Your Plans Into Action

With these digital marketing trends in your arsenal, you’re already one step ahead of the rest going into 2023. Whether you are a novice marketer or a seasoned one, it’s the perfect time to organize our digital strategy.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you stay ahead of digital trends and create advanced marketing campaigns—we’ve got you covered. 

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